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All around different faces I see, some are happy, some in misery. They express joy and pain No two faces are the weekend.

Library bars (thanks, T). Kubrick Playboy interview (thanks, T). The 20 best movie posters of 2014. And the finest films of the year, all cut together in a jolly fun way: Terrible marital name pairings (thanks, D). Artist transforms old paintbrushes into lay-deez (thanks, J). And these porcelain creatures are just amazing. This kid making […]

How to treat a treatment

I’ve been in advertising long enough to remember the days when treatments didn’t really exist. You wrote ads, sent them to directors, had chats with the ones who said they were interested and chose the one you liked best. There was no further stage where you then expected the possible choices to send you several […]

Sexy Jesus

Here’s a delightful calendar from Anomaly London (interest declared: I’m friends with Alex and Oli, the ECDs, and Oli Kellett, the excellent photographer). Hats off to the irreverent idea, but more than that, for taking it this far:  

“But shouldn’t we be doing more with this great set of skills and talent?”

Here’s an article that suggests advertising creatives should be doing more to help the world. One of the things he suggests is to ‘reimagine our mission as a profession’. By that he seems to mean that we should look at socially improving issues rather than the more corporate stuff we generally take on (he also says […]

All the love inside me has been slee-eeping, waiting till the right one came alo-ong. You can share the love that I’ve been keeping, baby You can put the music to the weekend.

Robo Tinder finger (thanks, J): Sony’s crappy powerpoint sucks worse than their shitty movies. And if you haven’t read this ‘How the Steve Jobs movie died’ email trail, you have yet to truly live. The Internet, as seen in 1995 (thanks, L). This Jimmy Fallon laughing and clapping compilation gets quite surreal (thanks, T): Award-winning […]

Bullet proof but don’t compromise

I’ve found myself using the phrase ‘bullet proof’ a lot recently. The usual context involves something like, ‘We should make sure we add a chicken towards the end to make sure we bullet proof the script’ (that is not a real example). I sometimes say it when I’m asking annoyingly thorough questions regarding someone’s work: […]

Asia part 1: Shanghai

I’ve just returned from a trip to Asia. I visited Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala-Lumpur, Jakarta, Tokyo and Shanghai. I had never been to Asia before. If you’ve been to the above cities you might find these posts hopelessly naive. If you haven’t, you might find at least 3% of the following absolutely fascinating… Some things […]

I wander around in the twilight zone, a little baby Flintstone all on my own. I wander around in the twilight zone, a little baby Flintstone all on the weekend.

Interview with Billy Wilder. Interesting pictures of domestic bliss (thanks, J). Breaking Bad remix: Long-ass Stewart Lee interview (thanks, J). And a long-ass Chris Rock interview (both excellent). Guys doing girls’ Instagram poses (thanks, V). Stand By Me then and now (thanks, T). The writer of The Wire on its HD re-release. Never lose a […]

The Christmas party season is upon us

So here are some useful Adland chat up lines.

Harvey Nix Christmas ad.

I didn’t like last year’s thing much (I can’t remember the line but it was something to do with spending it on myself). No matter, though; it won every award going many times over. So my taste is very poor. Sorry. This is quite boring. Maybe it’ll win a Black Pencil at D&AD.