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Copy vid day 3: holding out for a hero.

‘The copywriters… I don’t know what they are or where they come from or what they do. It just doesn’t seem to be… Who are their heroes?’ – John Salmon. ‘I don’t think we have any modern day heroes, actually in craft.’ – one of the younger ladies. ‘We never got down to the nitty […]

Copywriters: day two

Some quotes that stood out for me: ‘There is hardly any writing in it, is there?’ – Tony Brignull on social media. Tony, Tony, Tony… That is simply and clearly untrue. Maybe you’ve never seen a Facebook page or a blog, or perhaps you’re just being wilfully obtuse. Either way, it doesn’t reflect well on your […]

There’s only one way to resolve the differences in opinion from these generations of copywriters… fight!

Wow, Howard Fletcher, John Salmon, Barbara Nokes, Tony Brignull… So many of my copywriting heroes all in one room together (Elena’s L’Etoile was clearly the most appropriate venue for the copy titans of the 70s and 80s to meet). Rather than write about their opinions, and those of the modern writers (no offence to them […]

The search for gold

Is it possible for  every problem to have a brilliant solution? I ask that question as someone who, either as a copywriter, CD or author, is presented with a regular supply of challenges, the answers to which are plucked from a bucket that’s basically infinite. So if you are given a brief for 25% off carrots, […]

Everything you don’t use will lose its value tomorrow, consume too much today and you can always borrow. This paradigm’s the best one since the day of creation, get your gear and shape up this is the weekend.

David Bowie predicts the future: The making of Full Metal Jacket: Movies boiled down to 5-second pictograms (thanks, J). Photos of Star Wars in real life (thanks, L). 12 very middle class things (thanks, S). Coppola on filmmaking: Fantastic advice on writing. More Milch here. 25 funny church signs. Very weird self photos (thanks, A). Brad […]

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Let’s disagree to agree

When I was a junior copywriter I remember marvelling at how an ad ever got made. First the idea has to make it out of your own brain, then it has to be accepted by your creative partner, then the CD, then the client. The one that I found a bit of struggle was the […]

I really don’t want to call this post ‘how to get ahead in advertising’, but that’s what it’s about.

I’ve just finished reading this excellent compendium of advice from current successful advertising people. For the time-poor: 1. Trust your instincts in terms of which job to go for. 2. If you have the choice, work somewhere good for less money that somewhere shit for lots of cash. The money will follow the good work […]

God, this is compelling

(Via V and M.)

Read ‘Read Me’.

A new book on copywriting just landed on my doormat: It begins by asking the very relevant question: ‘Does the world really need another book on copywriting?’ To which the answer is clearly ‘no’, unless you stretch the definition of ‘need’ to the point where it can span the gap between Sydney Harbour Bridge and […]