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We’re all someone’s daughter, we’re all someone’s son. How long can we look at each other down the barrel of the weekend?

Lady poos self while twerking (thanks, J): Alan Partridge Lorem Ipsum (thanks, T). The town of Twin Peaks sculpted in clay (thanks, T). Ker-azee Chinese music video (thanks, J): Data maps of London (thanks, D). Japanese clothing with random English words (thanks, P). Silhouettes in movies: Delightful street driving in LA: Wonderful spotter of Christmas […]

NOBODY BUYS IDEAS. NOBODY. They buy the execution of those ideas.

Here’s the article on screenwriting that sentence came from. I’ve had a few chats with people who (think they) have had a great idea for a script and asked me (as if I’d really know) if there was some kind of market for those ideas. ‘Well’, I would generally begin, ‘No. No there isn’t.’ I […]

The icing on the cake

Here’s an excellent blog

Mark Fenske is a bit of an ad legend over in the States. Fortunately for you he’s kindly written a blog with lots of great advice. And here are his 14 anti-laws of advertising.

the Sainsbury’s ad

The things there are no questions about: it’s beautifully made, affecting, gloriously shot and rather moving. The thing there is definitely a question about: should a large corporation use a commemoration of World War One to sell Christmas pudding etc.? The YouTube commenters generally say yes. The Guardian says no. But fuck them. The important […]

I’ll forgive and forget if you say you’ll never go, ‘cos its true what they say It’s better the weekend.

ICYMI, The best thing on the internets last week. Shake It Off 1989 stylee (thanks, J): Drop It Like It’s Hot with no music (thanks, D): Excellent B&W photography. Art in film (thanks, J). Random Darknet shopper (thanks, T). Nic Cage on classic rap album covers (thanks, J). Quite, quite wonderful (watch to the end; […]

‘Why talented creatives are leaving your shitty agency.’

There’s plenty to agree/disagree with in this very long year-old blog post.  I can’t be arsed to go through the whole thing, so you’re on your own. All I can say for sure is that a couple of the comic strips are pretty funny and it’ll kill 15 minutes on the lav.

Kill (work) or be killed (by the arse that ensues when you pursue things that will almost certainly turn out to be shit).

Here’s a great article from ‘Hey Whipple’ author Luke Sullivan on what makes a great CD. There are many wonderful pearls to extract, but I wanted to bring up one point that Luke hammers home towards the end: Another thing I wish I’d heard less of when I was a young creative? It usually comes during […]

Can advertising and feminism ever get along?

Here’s an article on that very subject (indeed, with that very title) from Anomaly ECD Alex Holder in The Guardian. First off, Alex is a friend of mine, and I’ve already taken my hat off to her feminist efforts. So can advertising and feminism ever get along? Unless I’ve missed the point, Alex argues that […]

Tesco’s Christmas ad

According to the Guardian: Ray Shaughnessy, creative director at Wieden + Kennedy, the ad agency behind the campaign, said: “This year’s campaign is an important step change for Tesco. They are doing all sorts of unexpected things to help people have a brilliant Christmas. It won’t just be about them making sure you get the […]