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I don’t understand this ad

1. The VO that just reads out the supers. Why both? For blind people or deaf people? Neither of whom will make the most of a TV streaming service. 2. And the VO is creepy. He says ‘nowadays everybody does it’ like he’s just sidled up to an innocent first-timer at a wife swapping party. […]

It’s not just me who admires the hell out of the Breaking Bad thingie

(This is a verified letter that has been burning up the interwebs of late.) Dear Mister Cranston. I wanted to write you this email – so I am contacting you through Jeremy Barber – I take it we are both represented by UTA . Great agency. I’ve just finished a marathon of watching “BREAKING BAD” […]

Yes, Christopher Walken is cool. So are these ads.

(Thanks, V.)

Alfonso Cuaron/gravity

On Friday I went to see one of the masterclass talks of the London Film Festival. It was an interview with Alfonso Cuaron and Tim Webber, respectively the director and VFX supervisor of this: I am pant-wettingly excited to see that. It has 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and just broke the October opening record in […]

Men on fire pray for rain. Who are madmen, who is sane? So ten men they get up and they say “Well, can we have the weekend?”

Awkward sexy (thanks, J). Best infographics ever. Watch this and spend the next four minutes going ‘Fuuuuuuuck’: WW2 day by day (thanks, A): 10 dinosaur-on-human sex novels. Take it away, Miley and Sinead (thanks, D): Here is today (thanks, J). Amazing behind-the-scenes movie moments (thanks, G). 80s American DJs with topless women (thanks, B). Sir […]

Hurry the fuck up

The other day I was reading this post (it’s from the blog I recommended last week, written by the writer of Pirates Of The Caribbean and Shrek). It really struck a chord with me, especially the part where he calculates the number of days he has left before he turns 60 (the age after which […]

Amazing (if not faked)

(Thanks, L.)

Alex Holder: Feminist Icon

Eight years ago I (along with Daryl, my then joint CD) gave a job to a placement team. They got their first-ever ad into the The One Show, while their next got four D&AD entries. So they turned out to be pretty good. Fast forward a few years: they left, and the female half of […]

The brilliant Sex Cells

It’s kind of another creative side project, but it’s certainly one of the most interesting: Mark Denton’s wife, Anna, wrote an excellent play a while back (her first) and asked me to read it. I thought it was excellent and congratulated her on a fine job. The following year consisted of several Facebook status updates […]

He made a movie. He played the driver of a big yellow car. He is super fab and groovy. He struts and he crows, You never know where you are with the weekend.

Brilliant complaint notes (thanks, R). Breaking Bad characters review Amazon products. The faces of Facebook (thanks, J). Read like Bowie (thanks, S). Ricky Gervais on writing (thanks, D). A Cheers outline. Russians who look like Hollywood stars (thanks, D). Advice from Billy Bob Thornton. Guillermo Del Toro’s Simpsons titles.