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Let’s disagree to agree

When I was a junior copywriter I remember marvelling at how an ad ever got made. First the idea has to make it out of your own brain, then it has to be accepted by your creative partner, then the CD, then the client. The one that I found a bit of struggle was the […]

I really don’t want to call this post ‘how to get ahead in advertising’, but that’s what it’s about.

I’ve just finished reading this excellent compendium of advice from current successful advertising people. For the time-poor: 1. Trust your instincts in terms of which job to go for. 2. If you have the choice, work somewhere good for less money that somewhere shit for lots of cash. The money will follow the good work […]

God, this is compelling

(Via V and M.)

Read ‘Read Me’.

A new book on copywriting just landed on my doormat: It begins by asking the very relevant question: ‘Does the world really need another book on copywriting?’ To which the answer is clearly ‘no’, unless you stretch the definition of ‘need’ to the point where it can span the gap between Sydney Harbour Bridge and […]

1-2, 1-2-1-2-3, I’m the emcee called Ice-T. That’s DJ Evil E; Islam creates the beats. You girls look so sexy. I wish you all were up here with me. You drive me crazy with those big ole butts. Girl, let’s get the weekend

Lots of Paul Thomas Anderson shizzle. Jimmy Page explains Stairway to Heaven (thanks, A&G). Worst movie death scene ever (thanks, S): The scroguard! (Thanks, B.): Ray Liotta’s AMA. Fincher and Towne discuss one of the best movies of all time: God’s 12 biggest dick moves. The best slo-mo shots of all time: My opinion of […]

Sorry that last link didn’t work. Here’s something you might enjoy instead.

Side project/worthy cause/funny situation/fuck cancer

A message reaches me from my friend John Allison, erstwhile ECD of the famed 4Creative advertising agency: We’ve been stitched up by Ben&Ken. Our placement team. We asked them for fundraising ideas. They came up with this: send me and Chris back on placement. So we’re pimping/raffling ourselves out for hire/humiliation. It’s ¬£150 a ticket. […]

The insidious effects of advertising’s fundamental practice of mendacity

Someone else wrote a blog post far better than 99% of the crap I sling up here. Interesting how it chimes with the ‘unintended consequences’ angle of yesterday’s post. Also, about six months ago I wrote a post that touched on some of those ‘pretending not to be an arsehole’ points. The Foster Wallace quote […]

Fuck fucking Fear

Gerry Graf, brilliant US ECD and agency owner gave a speech in New York’s Advertising Week that (tongue somewhat in cheek) went a little something like this: “The reason why people don’t take chances is because they’re afraid,¬†right? And what are they afraid of? They’re afraid of losing their jobs. That’s why people are not […]