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Pros and cons

On the plus side you’ll remember the name of the product. On the minus side you’ll forever associate it with two of the biggest wankers on planet earth.

Another side project from the excellent Oli Kellett:   Hi Ben,  Not sure if you remember a chat called Martin McAllister? Same year at St Martins.. Worked at TBWA while I was there.. Four years ago, we were drinking in the Carpenters Arms outside TBWA, talking about places we knew which sounded amazing but were […]

What is your corporation really doing to you? And what are you doing to it?

Michael Lewis, ridiculously excellent author of Moneyball and Liar’s Poker has written an excellent column for Business Insider that examines the consequences of people who join the finance industry, only to be altered profoundly and negatively by the experience: The question I’ve always had about this army of young people with seemingly endless career options who wind up […]

worst endline I’ve seen in a while

 (Apologies for slight distortion of image. Click on it for greater clarity.) Expensive, glamorous product shot? Check. Decent-sized, tasteful logo? Check. Company known by everyone who’s into fashion? Check. Dismal, punny, unnecessary endline that ruins the entire ad? CHECK!

I can take a phrase that’s rarely heard, flip it, now it’s the weekend

What it takes to be a London cabbie (thanks, D). So much fun. How the music of Pulp Fiction happened (thanks, A). Soderbergh messes with Raiders of the Lost Ark. Fun addictive colour game (thanks, P). Questionable kids’ books (thanks, J). How did Robert Zemeckis film the opening of Back to the Future? Slow motion […]

The real Jiminy Glick is dead

I don’t know when I first became aware of Jiminy Glick, but I do recall I used to weep with laughter at whatever JG clips I could find back in the early 2000s: If you enjoy his work as much as I do there are plenty more clips on YouTube Anyway, I hadn’t thought of […]

Being poor seems like a right arse

I’m not poor and I never have been. The closest I’ve come to the breadline were those times at school or university when my pocket money, or Prêt a Manger wages, couldn’t stretch to another comic or pint. So I’ve been very fortunate that I’ve never felt hunger that I couldn’t quell by choice; I’ve […]

Probably the best advertising memo ever written

(Via Shaheed @ The Creative Floor.) I’ll just add that when I arrived at AMV in 1998 it was still one team one brief (in contrast to my previous agency, Y&R, where it was as David describes above). I was amazed and delighted for all those reasons. It worked very well until it changed.

Fucking brilliant

Quirky ad reminds me of the quirky ads from around 2002 -in a good way.