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On paper vs on the air

I f you’re an advertising creative (or a scriptwriter of some sort), you will at some point have to produce an ‘idea’ on a piece of a paper, which is then intended to convince lots of clever people that it would be a good TV ad. So far so obvious, but the process of how […]

We left you in pastures rarely seen (holding out the fortress for a while). Everyone knew why the calm had been (keeping friends among you saves a fight). In the dead of the night there was the weekend.

What it’s really like casting Bill Murray (thanks, J). Best screenwriting blogs (thanks, J). And the best screenwriting books (thanks, J). More great books (thanks, M). Upside-down portraits that look like aliens (thanks, A). Kanye orchestrates: Stephen King interview. YOLO 2 (thanks, J): Film data (thanks, J). The homeless Casanova (thanks, J): Watch this guy […]

Genetics, and what they mean for compassion, capitalism and a shitload of other very interesting stuff.

Start-Up article is packed with top advice

I have a confession to make: I often link to articles and films that I have either not read/seen fully or (OMG) that I haven’t actually bothered experiencing at all.  But they sound good from the title, or they’ve been recommended by someone I trust, so what the hey. So, in that context, I bring you […]

Glazer + Canon

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… Looks great. Otherwise, not sure. So there’s something pretty cool and photogenic that happens in Florence that you might not be aware of. If you like to see interesting things and photograph them, pop over to this gladiator football thing and snap away. OK. I just don’t quite feel the thrill that would get […]

Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety…

How old do you have to be to write an ad? Or be a CD? Or start your own agency? When I was at Watford the average age of people on the course was 24. Nearly all were post-grads, but some had tried an alternative career and found it not to their liking. That meant […]

Here I am, and within the reach of my hands she’s sound asleep, and she’s sweeter now than the wildest dream could have seen her. And I watch the weekend

Dad makes funny faces to baby crying (thanks, J): Funny (keep watching; thanks, J): Great David Chase interview (thanks, J). Shitting fuck. Imagine the show ‘Superstars’, but with music stars, including Michael Jackson and Rod Stewart (thanks, N): Kubrick Timedoors: Bowie, Eno, Visconti – via Buxton (thanks, R): Original treatment for Raiders Of The Lost […]

More lovely Apple stuff from Media Arts Lab

Splendid posters

Posters: so hard to do well. Is it possible to communicate a big message with real impact using as few elements as possible? Sometimes it is, and here’s a case in point… UPDATE: There were a few questions in the comments section, so I asked Paul for a bit more context: The work is aimed […]

Give me an A. Give me an R. Give me an S. Give me an E. Give me an H. Give me an O. Give me an L. Give me an E. Give me an S.

When I started in advertising the chairman of our agency had a personal project he wanted some creative help with. It was a campaign to save his local hunt/shoot, which was under threat from the kind of forces that prize base-level kindness over brutal death etc. He asked the rest of the department, all of […]