He came to town like a midwinter storm, he rode through the fields so handsome and strong, his eyes was his tools and his smile was his gun but all he had come for was the weekend.

Interview with Gone Girl author Gilliam Flynn about her adaptation (thanks, J).

David Fincher’s music videos, ranked (OMG! He did Shattered Dreams by Johnny Hates Jazz!).

And DF on his movie music.

Accidental cool art (thanks, J).

Worst selfies (thanks, J):

The world’s most intriguing lists (thanks, E).

Images that look as if they’ve been photoshopped.

I’m Roy Keane, shove it up your bollocks!

Unbelievable free film school.

25 years of Simpsons couch gags at once.

Guy surprises girlfriend with LOTR quotes more often than she would like:

Hilarious bad performance of Bang Bang:



It’s difficult not to love sarah silverman

Packshot at the start, packshot at the end, sublime shizz in the middle.

Like many wonderful American ads, it gets the selling bit right out there, front and centre.

Then it goes batshit crazy (Skittles, Starburst, Nextel).

Thanks God for that.

(Seems to have directed by Ringan Ledwidge.)

It really is a perfect day to watch an ad like this

(Thanks, A.)

It’s clearly an inferior (not least because of the lack of originality) version of Perfect Day.

But then I suppose many of the people this is aimed it were either not born when Perfect Day came out or are too young to remember it.

So this is for them.

And here’s to the next one in 2031 (will it still feature Elton John?).


Lazy blog week continues*

Zadie Smith takes down an ad in a very well written manner.


*It hasn’t actually been that lazy. I wrote a whole proper post earlier today but it turned out a bit shit and I didn’t really think it would reflect well on me or interest you, so I’ve shelved it. I might continue to work on it later this week, or I might not.

Handy guide to what you should be doing with your life


Jerry tells it like it motherfucking is

A little ditty about Jack and the weekend

Man Ray’s surrealist films (thanks, T).

Interesting analysis of Taxi driver:

Creepy pro-wanking film:

24 amazing Prince stories (thanks, J).

And if you’ve never seen this, it’s one long, brilliant Prince story very well told:

I think you all saw this a couple of days ago, but if not…

Zeppelin on their private jet (how thin was Jimmy Page? Thanks, T).

Great Fincher doc:

Funny text scam response – but also fake as fuck, I believe. Shame hardly anything good on the net is actually a happy accident. But then some things are (thanks, P):


The evolution of the chase scene (thanks, J):

How to get into advertising

Click on this link.

Or, slightly more seriously, try this (thanks, P).

Pros and cons

On the plus side you’ll remember the name of the product.

On the minus side you’ll forever associate it with two of the biggest wankers on planet earth.